Scientific Program

At the meeting, the lectures will cover a number of topics. The topics range from the basic understanding of the mechanisms regulating the inflammatory response, to the regulation of stem cell behavior and how these topics are integrated in tissue maintenance/regeneration as well as disease.

 Topics that will be covered include:

  1. The regulation of stem cell behavior in tissue development and homeostasis.
  2. Basic mechanisms governing the initiation and termination of tissue inflammation.
  3. Disease states such as cancer where the deregulation of tissue stem cells are fueled by a malfunctioning inflammatory response to drive disease progression.

There will be about thirty scientific presentations spread over 2.5 days. These include approximately sixteen 30 minute presentations, and fourteen 15 minute presentations by junior researchers. The large number of short presentations afforded to junior researchers is a highlight of the meeting that will allow beginning principal investigators to showcase their burgeoning research programs.  Moreover, each day will end with an open forum to discuss the topics of the daily session to identify new/unexplored areas that can be pursued by conference attendees to drive work at the interface of inflammation and tissue homeostasis.  This meeting will be truly international in nature, bringing together scientists from Asia, Europe and North America.

Student participants and junior PIs will also be afforded the opportunity to present posters. There will be ample opportunity for students from India and those attending from abroad to interact with the speakers and other attendees at these sessions, which have been allocated a generous portion of the meeting to encourage and facilitate in-depth discussions.