IFOM-inStem conference on Inflammation and tissue homeostasis

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The goal of regenerative medicine is to replace tissues lost to damage, age, or disease with functional tissues. Inherent in making this potential a reality is a thorough understanding of the behavior of stem cells in the development and maintenance of organs in the body. An emerging paradigm in the understanding and application of regenerative medicine is the impact of inflammation on the cells that rebuild/regenerate a tissue. Not only do infiltrating immune cells fight off infection through the damaged tissue, but they are increasingly being appreciated for their role in regulating stem/progenitor cell behavior. Moreover, the practice of stem cell therapy faces the obstacle of maintaining the viability and controlling the lineage of transplanted stem cells in a stressed tissue with a robust inflammatory microenvironment.

This workshop will provide a unique venue to stimulate the further crosstalk between these two fields of inflammation and tissue homeostasis in order to understand the reciprocal interactions between leukocytes and stem/progenitor cells. The congregation of basic scientist and clinicians from academia and biotechnology will form a platform where these important questions can be addressed from both physiological and pathological avenues.


Topics covered:

  • Tissue Development and Regeneration
  • Stem Cells and Aging
  • Regulation and Function of Inflammatory Signaling
  • Cell Migration and Dynamics
  • Vascular Biology and Pathology
  • Wound Healing and Related Diseases
  • Tumorigenesis and Metastasis


Registration deadlines:

October 15, 2015 – For International applicants who require visa
November 30, 2015 – For Indian applicants

In order to encourage in-depth discussions and maximize opportunities for interactions and networking, the conference attendance will be limited to 125 participants.

Extended Deadline - December 30, 2015

The deadline for registration is further extended upto December 30th, 2015. However, the selection of short talks from the abstracts received have already been completed.

All selected applicants for the conference have been notified by e-mail.  Participants selected for short talks will be notified by the end of this month.


1. Dr. Colin Jamora
    Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
    Bangalore, India

2. Dr. Giorgio Scita 
    FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM)
    Milan, Italy





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